City of Trenton’s Website Launch

City of Trenton’s Website Launch

The City of Trenton has collaborated with local IT and Digital Marketing company Twin Oaks Technology to launch a brand new website. Gibson County Chamber Administrative Assistant CeCe Jones, Mayor Ricky Jackson, and Police Chief Bill Cusson have worked with the website development team at Twin Oaks to make their new site a fully accessible hub of information and resources for community members and potential new businesses and industries. The website features everything from historic homes in Trenton, the famous Teapot museum, and useful pages with information and contact information for all city departments. Trenton is excited about the trajectory of its growth and the opportunities for new jobs and industries in the area. This website is a piece to both facilitate and highlight the bright future ahead.

A message from Twin Oaks:

“Twin Oaks Technology has truly enjoyed this experience with the city of Trenton, most namely CeCe Jones. CeCe has been instrumental in gaining correct information, providing the details of the community, and being huge support whenever we needed her. There’s no doubt of her devotion and love for the community as she helped build the city’s website from beginning to end.

Twin Oaks is so thankful to be given this opportunity to work with the city of Trenton in their endeavors to provide easily accessible information to their city via a website. JP, our web designer, and developer, has worked diligently with the city of Trenton. Through this opportunity, we have been able to experience a slice of the beauty and historical enrichment that the city of Trenton has to offer. From their exquisite town buildings, including their phenomenal courthouse, to the historical houses with prolific, generous histories, Trenton truly is a treasure. Our hope is that everyone, residents or not, get to enjoy more of Trenton with this tremendous project.

We hope to look forward to more opportunities to work with the city of Trenton and its community members and businesses. This town holds a special place in our hearts, and we hope that our help can continue to grow the city of Trenton to new sensational heights.”