Animal Control

The City of Trenton’s Animal Control makes every effort to keep the public safe, protect animals, and educate the community to be responsible pet owners. Animal Control can be reached at 731-414-5012.


Animal Bites

Please report to the City of Trenton’s Animal Control any of the following:

  • Animal bites to humans
  • Wild animal bites to domestic animals
  • Any animal bite that may require quarantine

Enforcement of Animal Laws

  • Animal Noise/Barking Dogs
  • Domestic Fowl
  • Leash Law
  • Failure to Remove Dog Defecation

Lost & Found

If your pet is lost or missing, please contact Animal Control at 731-414-5012. If you have found a missing pet please contact us immediately.

Removal of Dead Animals

Animal Control will remove dead animals from public roadways and may be available to pick up dead animals from private property. If it is your own personal pet, we recommend you contact a/your veterinarian concerning the disposal of the deceased pet.

Department Head

Phil Hickerson
Animal Control


Address: 309 S. College St., Trenton, TN
Telephone: 731-855-2013