Shady Acres Park

The City of Trenton is proud of our Shady Acres Park and the activities that it provides to our citizens. The park has 4 ball fields that host a variety of baseball and softball, along with 4 tennis fields. Shady Acres Park is also recognized as one of nine Level IV Arboretum in the State of Tennessee. Our citizens can also take a stroll on our walking trail and gaze upon 151 different species of trees that were planted in the park.

Level IV Arboretum

The trees were planted by Eileen Elliott and her sister Marlene Wilson starting back in the Autumn of 2011.

What started out…

“… as a simple project to enrich the Trenton community and earn “two little old ladies” the right to be called Master Gardeners.  It blossomed into an exceptional effort that produced one of the most diverse tree exhibits in Tennessee”

 Dan Morris, Jackson Sun

The 151 different species of trees were planted mostly by Wilson and Elliot but did have help from volunteers. None of the money used to build this arboretum came from federal grants, or any kind of city, county, or state taxes. All of the funds were raised by Wilson and Elliot or donated.

Click the link here to download the Shady Acres Walking Tour

Tennessee Urban Forestry Council